Online shop how to make small Reviews

is now in the online shop is definitely not simple, because now the whole network of more intense competition, especially when certain open shop is actually need to pay attention to the selection and control of the cost of goods, so now in the online shop should be how to prepare?

1  where does the picture of the product come from? If you do not buy, I am afraid that no one is free to provide photos, but if there are dozens of products, it is difficult for me to buy each one?

2  what I want to do is jewelry and baby products. This commodity is the most important quality. But the quality of the goods in the wholesale market is really low, then I should purchase from where?

3  do a web page or in Taobao or interest on login is good?

1. is actually very simple, why do not you want to do this brand online agent? None of the merchants would refuse to do business, and the factory will provide you with the pictures;

2. I have done a period of time to sell the home fabric online. My supply from the factory, not a small factory, is specialized in the export of foreign processing plants. They have 5% of each product increment for foreign exchange. After the completion of this order, they are 5% of the incremental stock, you can buy very cheap. Excellent quality, low price of good Dongdong;

3. rely on large sites, you will open the market.


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