How should investors recommend entrepreneurs to choose

to become a successful entrepreneur, my road is far away, and you? In this spring, I participated in the accelerator parade, entrepreneurs are most concerned about the issue of how to deal with the views of investors or guidance. They do not know how to respond to the feedback of the parties to the venture.

the behavior of investors metaphor for the "waving pointer (mentor/investor  whiplash), as an entrepreneur you should be ready to whip. Inexperienced often all kinds of advice to get a headache, if not handled properly, will waste a lot of time, money and human resources, more terrible is likely lost confidence to realize the dream.

1. Make a table, the previous meetings and opinions will be all included in. Which information should be recorded, including which advice from which. In order to facilitate the analysis, you should also classify these feedbacks. And then analyze the information from time to time, if there are a number of issues mentioned in the number and the number is significantly higher than the other, then this is a concern.

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