Run man take you on the phone around the world store

Baidu map panorama function so that people do not go out to contact the real world, now an innovative APP software can let people who love to shop in the mobile phone on the store around the world, want to go to what point which is so magical!

offline store "move" online

is expected after 4-5 months, the global version of the technology can be put into use in Japan, Osaka and Argentina are also invited to join the local shop agents. Free of charge to join the store, micro shopping transactions from the 5%. Holding a cell phone, you can go shopping in Xinjiang, Urumqi, Osaka and even the world, you can also bargain on APP and businesses, see discount information. Micro online shopping is not easy, before May 12th this year on the line, has experienced 4 years of market research and technical research, north of Guangzhou Shenzhen, at least 3000 users and businesses to participate in the research.

Deng Chao with "running man" to

This is not to run

in the square to find 100 witnesses to propose add atmosphere? In the running man on the release, a person to 10 yuan, people on the square to see the acceptance of the task, so that you can spend $1000 to get the 100 witnesses. This is an analogy, running man is essentially a city help platform, everyone can have a personal assistant." Only unexpected, there is no need to publish. According to Liao Haibao introduction, running man and has been approached by Deng Chao, angelababy, two people will become the first man to run the man.

in micro technology around the office hall, the reporter saw a row of green car battery, car tail and LED display, this is the "running man" tool, there will be around LOGO micro display.

"mobile phone, car batteries, electric cars, these three things as you choose." Liao Haibao said that running a man can be anyone, after the company’s real name authentication and credit recommendation

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