Quit entrepreneurship part-time platform to get 5 million angel investment

graduated from the university to start a business, to the school business, and then to drop out of business, the entrepreneurial path of college students in a step forward. Two college students in Huizhou when students are still studying, they began to venture, has now been angel investment, the official start of the road.

suspension entrepreneurship students

short state predecessor can be traced back to the part-time organization of Huizhou University – Huizhou youth club. 2011, Li Changgen, the school began shortly after the beginning of the part-time job, but also actively introduce part-time students. In 2012, Li Changgen and the dance of the Soviet Union due to join the establishment of a dedicated part-time students to provide information for the Huizhou youth club. According to Li Changgen introduction, the club has more than 300 enterprises in the local service, has accumulated a wealth of customer resources.

2014 years, the Internet business is hot, Huizhou youth club operations for two years, Li Changgen realized that if you have been doing a part-time local platform, can not be made into a national system of large companies. At that time, a lot of students to do a part-time job, can not receive wages, businesses are often unable to recruit the right people, only by virtue of the line is difficult to change the situation of the team, so we must establish an efficient Internet platform".

short state business model into self mode and his business model, proprietary module is called "small States send post service, is the extension and transformation of the original line mode. A state sales staff responsible for docking five star hotels, Real Estate Company and other large enterprises under the line, the part-time orders back, open to all users working state of the platform, the platform for merchants to charge a service fee.

"proprietary module in order to ensure quality of service and user platform part-time experience, the Internet platform docking flow, high efficiency, help to save the cost of hiring, while saving the labor costs of enterprises." Li Changgen said.

in his business model, businesses and users, through a free state, the platform does not charge fees. Users only need to download the mobile client, register the account and fill in the resume

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