Tibetan mastiff downtown injured 12 people were killed by police looking for the owner of the dog

last week, a Tibetan Mastiff in downtown Shaanxi, Tongchuan injured 12 people, and then rushed to the police rushed to the 7 gun, the Tibetan mastiff killed. One of the injured was seriously injured. Police are still looking for the owner of the dog.

1 at 6 am on the morning of 8, in the Tongchuan District, Changhong Road, Yuen Village, after a few shots, a Tibetan mastiff fell to the ground. Not long ago, the Tibetan Mastiff in the downtown area after another bite 12 people, one of the more serious injuries of a girl aged 13. At present, the police are looking for the owner of the Tibetan mastiff.

girl on the way to school by Tibetan mastiff threw

Yijie into Cheng Xiaotao’s father, in January 8th 6, the daughter to go to school on foot. "Baby walked for a while, on the face is blood ran back, said to be bitten by the dog." Cheng Xiaotao said, he quickly drove the child to the hospital, the baby’s injury is more serious, the left eyebrow and arm wounds around 3cm."

a Xiaotao said, after her daughter told him that morning to go to school nearby, suddenly a dog threw himself to the ground, near a sanitation workers heard cries for help came out with a shovel, was bitten by a dog.

"it is understood that the Tibetan mastiff bites in the downtown series of 12 people, students, teachers, and sanitation workers etc.." A Yijie father said.

"Tibetan mastiff are frequently hurt, it has a relationship with the Tibetan mastiff." Tongchuan, a pet hospital veterinarian Tan said the Tibetan mastiff is loyal to the master, and the owner of the people have a strong offensive. This wounding Tibetan mastiff, is likely to be abandoned by the owner, in the course of the stray may be bullied by strangers, passers-by a little closer, it will launch attacks.

"such as deliberate release, driven by the vicious dog wounding may bear criminal responsibility." Shaanxi Zhuang Wei lawyers recommend

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