What are the successful means to promote entrepreneurship shop

to do a good job in the promotion of the shop, it will naturally make more consumers familiar with the store, and then let the store’s business has become more prosperous. So, if you want to set up shop, naturally need to grasp more effective means of promotion. So, what are the successful business promotion means?

sales of a leather sofa store, sofa sales will be included in the annual home maintenance. Such an approach in the provision of maintenance at the same time, can promote the exchange with the customer, so that customers turn to other customers, or buy a new house, the two consumption.

a computer store sales of computer products, gross margin is very low. So increase the service card, in order to update the software, hardware to add value. In general, 3 years or so, the customer will be the purchase of the two.

a building materials store, take the initiative to sink channels, has been from the city to the county seat, from the county to the township, has now come to the rural cooperatives in the store. There are wooden doors of the stores also choose this way to promote the marketing performance of 60% annual growth rate, but also for the last 3 years, unchanged.

Changsha molar food stores, stores located in the humble community two floor. Shop sales have grown rapidly, and was once a large number of casual food consumers touted.

Changchun a sofa enterprises, 300 square meters shop is equipped with 9 employees (3 times more than the general store, sofa) to strengthen services to promote, not only did not appear "no food" phenomenon, also created a single store sales of 10 million yuan.

a street in Guangzhou, a fruit brand companies have even opened 3 stores, and the introduction of stored value card recharge 300 yuan to send $20 activities, consumption of over $20, to send fruit on-site service. The company has achieved good results.

a store in Shijiazhuang, the agent cabinet products, the introduction of private management service. As long as a member of the company, no time to pick up the child, the Secretary can go; no time to decorate, the Secretary can go; no time to take care of the elderly, the Secretary can go. Any member of the life in need of professional help, the book can appear. Achieved a 200 square meters of stores, with annual sales of $about 30000000.

these are relatively successful store promotion means, can be a reference for entrepreneurs. In short, if you want to successfully set up shop in the current era of intense competition, do a good job related to the promotion of the need for a lot of.

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