The doctor Doctor venture studio to early adopters

of all walks of life are daring innovation and entrepreneurship, the medical industry is no exception. There are such a group of doctors out of the hospital, out of the system, the establishment of a private doctor studio. There is no problem in the actual operation of such a new doctor entrepreneurial projects.

has been open for half a year in Guangzhou doctor studio, joined peers only in about 100, patients are not many.

however this rhythm is within the founder Xie Rushi was not expected, medical business fast business! What really makes him feel tangled is the difference between the interests of doctors and the market.

specifically: the doctor that visits is their own, should be the maximum value; but the studio that service team provides patients with booking, venue, equipment arrangement is an important support. Capital side to invest in us, want to see a more reasonable return on profits, but with the doctor on the value of a contradiction." Xie Rushi bluntly told reporters in Nandu.

fence length of each

"stem to the deputy director, chief physician, the registration fee will be 7 dollars and 9 dollars, you can have much enthusiasm?" Back then founded the private doctor studio, has served as director of customer service department in Zhongshan Hospital of Xie Rushi and not much hesitation. In his opinion, the doctor with his level of expertise to patient diagnosis and treatment scheme is proposed, should not be so "cheap", since the public hospital is difficult to change the existing pricing system, as the establishment of private doctors in the studio system, doctors at the market price of admissions, earn a decent income but also to provide a high quality service needs of patients.


and studio set up, still closely linked with public hospital. First of all, they are in the front end of the private high-end medical recommendation

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