Song Ruiping 44 year old entrepreneurial life of the second

female entrepreneurs in the heroine Song Ruiping, she has spent 10 years of entrepreneurship, eventually become the garment industry "big sister". Although this is a long time, but she is in direct proportion to pay and return.



] times executives

15 years ago salary of 100 thousand yuan +

30 years ago, as the first batch of graduates of Henan textile industry college students, Song Ruiping chose the "Peacock Flying Southeast", to Guangdong to study at the forefront of the industry and information technology.

for Henan and a leading women’s business services for 4 years, is a top executives Song Ruiping career.

2000 years, her annual salary of more than 100 thousand yuan, the wage level in Henan’s clothing design industry is absolutely rare, when a worker’s wages a month before the money is only $four hundred or five hundred".

was a boss in order to please Song Ruiping as director, early in the morning rain in front of her house, a warm invitation.


] to start


if you use a word, that is "love", expressed in two words, is "obsessed"


2005 years, Song Ruiping began to venture, with many years of grasp of the market and the obsession with the design profession, career just started a few months, won the two VIP customers, direct payment of cash 300 thousand yuan!This is the

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