The ZhengXin snacks joining fee

because many investors there are still a lot of questions about ZhengXin small snacks, I can only through the text in a way that we can remove doubt, if you have what specific problems, the article is not very good for you to answer it please leave a message on our website below. Well, ZhengXin snacks?

ZhengXin snacks, with the development of the market demand, we have been able to feel the professional management organization, can be accompanied by a large number of investors in the development of common growth, can also reflect the characteristics of the brand, let ZhengXin snack merchants gaining support from the market, I believe the face of market brand and scale development, ZhengXin snacks china merchants will be able to realize the pace of development. So ZhengXin snacks join need how many money?

ZhengXin snacks to join how much money

join fee is as follows:

ZhengXin snack store to join the 30000 county-level city area 300000, ZhengXin snacks, snacks ZhengXin City area 500000, the capital city of ZhengXin snack area 800000. ZhengXin snack shops selling chicken products: 8 products, chicken meat string, snacks, hamburger, milk tea, fresh juice, tune, Oden hand cake class.

renovation costs:

Corporation for each franchisee tailor-made, as the size and the scene to establish the best decoration scheme, on-site measurement of professional designers, decoration drawings to communicate with you. After the decoration will be taken to ensure the quality of construction and acceptance.

equipment cost:

equipment depending on the situation, including: barbecue machine, fryer, refrigerator, cash register, a set of equipment about 40000. Headquarters will provide a list of equipment, as long as the actual use, some equipment can be purchased on their own.

through a small series of reports, we believe that for ZhengXin snacks joining fee have a very detailed understanding, this is a very good project, if you want to join the


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