Tianyang Local Taxation Bureau to actively serve the employment and Entrepreneurship of migrant work

in the new social situation of migrant workers entrepreneurship is a problem in the face of all, in order to promote the development of economy and society, and constantly promote some migrant workers entrepreneurial activities are also welcomed.

the Bureau efforts to broaden communication channels, in cooperation with the mainstream media daily propaganda, and make full use of Buluotuo cultural and Tourism Festival and the "March three" and other characteristics of national traditional festivals, the agriculture tax policy into the folk song widely sung; at the same time the organization of youth volunteer service team of the Southwest’s largest wholesale market for agricultural products Tianyang agricultural products wholesale market, take the initiative to send the policy delivery service enterprise into the farmers, the agricultural policy support.

the bureau also went into business and industrial parks, and make full use of the enterprise closely advantages, information, labor demand acquisition part of labor-intensive enterprises to establish accounting, mobilize cadres and workers to carry out twinning, matchmaking, and actively help migrant workers with jobs. In addition, the Council also opened the tax "Easy Access migrant workers", the implementation of that report that number, immediate office of the migrant workers tax matters, implementation to fill a single service, reservation service, delay service, door-to-door service, to provide efficient and convenient services for migrant workers; for the early days of the migrant workers, the backbone of the business. Proficient in financial dynamic tracking, help establish accounts system, strengthen financial management, making full use of tax preferential policies.


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