The electronic commerce company was founded less than half Kuangzhuan 1 million

as long as you find the right project, overnight is not really a myth. Recently, the spread of online female college students to do poineering work for the first half of the year to earn 10 million of the hero to accept an interview with reporters, she really is in the half a year to create tens of millions of dollars in income, or someone premeditated, deliberately hype? Let’s take a look at the truth.

"our school has a graduate this summer girl, very cow, her e-commerce company founded less than half a year, will earn 1 million, that do brand clothing network marketing."

7 want to start things at the beginning of the month just graduated from the girls Zhao mud, and compared to other entrepreneurs, is the first step, from the second to the present, Zhao has opened two mud company, not just founded e-commerce company has been for half a year. The profit of nearly one million yuan. While in school juniors are considered her entrepreneurial idol, when companies are on the upgrade, Zhao mud began their study section of the road, although the daily work a lot of pressure, but still found time to prepare Ni Zhao Fudan University postgraduate exam advertising.

"I is the science of international trade, trade now too many people, a lot of pressure, and my math has been very poor, so in terms of trade is no future. At that time set a goal: their own business." Sophomore year, Zhao mud and a friend of Zhejiang University co founded a small e-commerce company, mainly engaged in online transactions, including clothing, cosmetics and other online selling some of the better projects. E-commerce in China has just started, is a relatively new direction of development, there is a lot of room for development, Zhao Ni talking about the reasons for the establishment of e-commerce companies.
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  how difficult it is to start a business, only experienced people will understand. "I began to run an independent company soon, I received a clothing brand network marketing projects. As the company has just started, there is no credibility on the Internet, the entire network marketing is not very familiar with, in the process of doing the project, the clothing company is holding a nose, very passive. The company even threatened not to refund the fee, but I was so scared that I could not sleep for days."

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