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hot food and beverage industry, so many entrepreneurs want to make a profit in this market, and for the layman entrepreneurs, if there is any shortcut to join the chain to become more people’s choice. When more entrepreneurs are still faced with do not know how to choose the project and a headache.

words do not say, dry goods!

interest and ability

first interest, if you have no interest in food and beverage, then, I really suggest that you do not enter the line, because in the end, there is no interest, it will be catering as a business. The food and beverage, is very interested in, otherwise, only business, suffer the guests, finally, is their own.

say ability, with interest, talk about the ability to choose a suitable project. Not a whim, three minutes to give up; nor is it difficult for the next mouth, can not start, no sense of self fulfillment, the project itself is not helpful.

we encourage rational entrepreneurship. Passion, not blindly follow; have the strength, but also modest.

Market Research

consumer trends

consumer trends, with the words that is the degree of popularity. First, the current hot degree; two is the future of the hot degree. Now the fire doesn’t mean that there will not fire fire, now also does not mean that the future is not fire.

good project, must be in line with the direction of economic development and the general trend of living standards, health trends, such as health noodle, health self-help, etc..

is a very classic example: in 2013, unusually hot cheese cake, like a meteor, like fireworks, as short. Such a phenomenon, most likely to occur in a single product is the flagship project, a single product, short life cycle, tired of appearing too early, the market shrinking rapidly disappear. However, young people, it is the most vulnerable to the attraction of such projects, so please pay attention to yourself, look at the long-term, do not follow suit, do not blindly.

ground gas

perfect project, will encounter a more wonderful market. Usually everything is right, but there is no business, then, the biggest possibility is that no ground gas.

is not down to earth again, popular point that is the project and consumer tastes, consumption, aesthetic three habits appear serious discrepancies, for example: Fuzhou, Wuhan love sweet salty; the elderly generally settle on the price, after 90 generally love fashionable white-collar; stress force, pay attention to the boss pomp.

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