Micro era marketing requirements more precise

era in the transformation, one after another, a new term began to come out, so that people have a lot of knowledge at the same time, but also to a lot of business marketing ushered in a new world. The "micro era", makes the operator more than ever care about the consumer’s personal experience and practical interests, and through a series of "micro platform" to carry out precision marketing, to attract more customers.

with the quickening pace of life, everyone wants to get the most useful information in the shortest possible time. How to accurately grasp the customer’s psychology, targeted to push the service content and other information? This is a question worthy of consideration of all operators. The micro era marketing, focusing on participation, interaction, utility and sharing.

if someone wants to get involved, first of all get together powder, that is, let your WeChat fans and friends circle of friends from the number of people into hundreds or even more. "Fans", "friends" is a group of special users, they pay attention to you, it is possible to become a potential consumer.

specific to the cigarette business, conditional retail customers may be part of the consumer into their WeChat "circle of friends", usually what promotional activities or service information, as long as the finger, you can easily tell you, save time and effort. For the tobacco enterprises, can play their own advantages, through more "micro platform" will operate tobacco related information to inform retail customers and consumers, and add interactive content, give full play to the role of "micro District".

want to do a good job marketing in the micro era, you need to grasp the characteristics of this era, so that you can make their own efforts to play a better role in marketing. Although the introduction of the above small content is not much, but if you want to do a good job in the marketing of such a micro era, do you know what features need to meet it?

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