Ningguo Bureau of human resources and social entrepreneurship training courses held in rural areas

entrepreneurship is a long and arduous road, for the commitment to bear the pressure of a major customer, there is a beacon light will no longer be good. Entrepreneurship training is such a bright light for entrepreneurs to illuminate the road ahead.

"had the honor to participate in entrepreneurship training, so I learned a lot of fantastic entrepreneurial way, after this I will take part in the training." Who lives in Anhui, Ningguo Jin Village, a villager in the city to participate in the social entrepreneurship training courses organized by the Bureau said. This is the city to promote the people of their own business, to create entrepreneurial city, so that people have a real entrepreneurial willingness to fully enjoy the government to support entrepreneurship in a microcosm of preferential policies.

through increased efforts to strengthen the guidance of entrepreneurship training, do a good job supporting services…… A series of initiatives to promote entrepreneurship in the desire to meet entrepreneurs eager to learn entrepreneurial aspirations at the same time to improve their entrepreneurial innovation ability, so that more people who want to venture no longer wander in the confusion of the achievements. Up to now, the city organized a total of 92 training courses, training students to support entrepreneurship, 480 people, led by the employment of more than 4 thousand and 270 people in.

as the weight of entrepreneurship policy gradually tend to rural areas, farmers urgently need more professional and better business knowledge training services, to help them find business opportunities, and to realize the dream of entrepreneurship.

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