Stall started to earn millions of entrepreneurial stories

money has never been a personal privilege, nor is poverty a person must go through, as long as you work hard, everyone can change their life, starting point is not important, important is whether you are willing to upgrade their


Only 3 years after the former

from detaner to hit the


, Li Haiyang use the weekend to go to work, "two days of income, planing to transportation fee expenses, also left 30 yuan a week, the meals are stretched, let alone save out tuition." An accidental opportunity, Li Haiyang learned from fellow workers together, to the mobile phone film, very profitable". So he did not go to school in the vicinity of the entrance to the Hebei University of Economics and Business to set up a stall, I got the goods from the wholesale market, bought a second-hand table, chairs are not, on the

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