The policy of small loans for small business timely assistance

As the only municipality directly under the central government in the west, Chongqing attaches great importance to the development of innovation and entrepreneurship in

. In the management activities of the appeal, the Chongqing streets to carry out small loans propaganda work, to help entrepreneurs find convenient channels to achieve the dream.

"really very grateful to Donglin social security to help me go through streets, small loans, round my entrepreneurial dream!" Recently, independent entrepreneurs Huang Hao talked about small loans secured help, very grateful to say.

"I always adhere to the" street public business, the business’ main line of work, as far as possible for the majority of entrepreneurs to create a good business environment." Donglin Street responsible person, since last year, the streets in order to implement the policy of benefiting the premise, to provide quality services for the main line, innovative management mode, perfect the system, build Small and micro businesses financing platform, the registered urban unemployed, college graduates and employment difficulties such as small loans to support key object, strengthen propaganda, and the person responsible for the implementation of small loans, to help entrepreneurs solve the financing problem, and constantly create a new situation in the whole street employment.

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