What problems need to pay attention to open a tea shop

would like to open a tea shop, how to manage it? The need to look at the effect of the various aspects of the business, we must first consider how to attract the attention of consumers, is nothing more than the store decoration, nothing more than a fancy name, on the other hand also need to see your business products in the store, and your shop service attitude. In this small series to introduce to you: open a tea shop what problems need to pay attention to

a, personnel constitute

generally a small tea shop will have a manager and two assistants, many cases manager is the boss. The boss wants to manage their employees must set an example, shop rules must be their own requirements, to store steady running, the boss also want to understand some knowledge of management.

two, schedule

generally speaking, tea shop business hours: 9:00 – 23:00. The clerk for Hugh is shift off, the manager responsible for staff attendance record. The clerk do six off a holiday. If you need to meet the needs of the staff must leave the day before the case, in order to arrange for others to substitute.

three, mount guard notes

1, uniform: General tea shop has custom tooling and apron, require employees to work must wear work clothes, or apron, such can give consumers with professional impression, and the clerk will not stick to their scruples because greasy clothes and bound hands and feet.

2 appearance: we all know that the first impression of feeling is very important, so the boss to their personal health have strict requirements, especially the individual facial and hand hygiene requirements, staff long hair must pull up, to give consumers a good first impression.

3, smile service: clerk to work to have a good mental outlook, because the mood is infectious, positive emotions will drive consumption. Customers buy products in addition to the consumption of the product itself is the enjoyment of services. So smile service should be the first principle of service.

four, shop ready to work

1, raw materials and supplies ready: shop every day after the first thing is to prepare a variety of materials, such as the red Green Tea bubble, pudding, pearl, red beans cooked, sealing machine, Straw preheating, paper napkin on the counter for supplies.

2, to ensure that the work table clean and tidy: commonly used items in a fixed position in order to facilitate the operation of the operation of the process of dripping in the operation of the items in a timely manner to clean with a rag. Always keep Table >

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