Science and Technology Entrepreneurial Dynamic incubation of 17 years of 3 start-up companies

why the policy to give more support to science and technology entrepreneurs, because of the greater momentum of technology entrepreneurship. So, the kinetic energy of science and technology start-ups, I believe that through the following entrepreneurial story, you can learn to.

God light color is a professor at Nanjing University, Ph.D. Wang Yuanqing on South photoelectric Engineering Research Institute, start-up technology companies to set up at the beginning of last year. On this platform, he will be more than 20 years of painstaking research to obtain the core technology for industrial research and development, is now close to the harvest season.

here, combined with traditional industries original scientific research and Technology Development Zone, start-up technology companies and enterprises complementary scale advantage, industrial transformation together to research achievements, formed a very good interaction. The photoelectric color of God as an example, in addition to the upcoming debut of capital airport large screen, the company is also working with the panda developed naked eye 3D display, the sample has been published, is about to enter the stage of mass production. Is expected by the end of this year, the naked eye 3D phone will be able to formally meet with consumers, will undoubtedly set off another mobile revolution".

currently has 5 R & D LED driver chip, the newly developed 8020 chip, can be multi chip function integration and conversion into one chip, significantly enhance the performance and simplify the chip PCB layers and lines, so that the production cost is reduced by 15% – 20% old product. At present, the product has small batch trial production, market prospects.

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