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furniture is still a lot of profit, so we all want to open the furniture store, shop before, more understanding of some of the furniture store location skills, to make your furniture store business is more prosperous. So, how to find a furniture store? Here is a look at the furniture store location should pay attention to the main points:

1, the level of economic development of the region where the store is located, it is related to the level of income of the population in the region, that is, the ability of the regional population consumption and weak.

2, the local population, including population, density, and the degree of aging, the population density is too low, not easy to form a commercial prosperity, aging is too high that the purchasing power of low quality.

3, the price of commercial housing. Commercial housing is a sign of standard goods, the price reflects the consumer’s ability to consume.

4, shops where the total supply and demand in the shopping area, supply and demand affect the price of shops.

5, shops own conditions. Shops on their own conditions for the applicability of the business is very poor, a lot of obstacles to the shop, then the use of shops prices are low, adverse impact on the prices of shops, the value of the shops to increase the value of space.

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