Open crystal dumpling shop selling dumplings


dumplings is a delicacy, many people are very fond of the traditional dumpling now however, competition is very fierce, if you want to expand to business in this industry, you need to make its own characteristics. Therefore, the entrepreneurial home crystal dumplings hall, will become a very good choice.

Armin graduated from high school, from the newspaper to see a special food package dumplings rice crystal reports, with a unique crystal surface made of steamed buns, dumplings are transparent, can directly see the inside of the filling, with crystal crafts like, both delicious and good-looking, as the saying goes, hunger breeds discontentment, if you learn to do this kind of special food while others do not have the money, Armin quickly realized that this is a good way to get rich, so she took the money and went to Shanxi to study with a teacher.

in the teacher’s advice, Armin carefully study the whole process of the production of crystal surface and surface, refine, face up, and refining, Armin because the heart plus her born clever, 5 days to master all the technical essentials, finally made a sparkling crystal dumplings, she delighted.

she returned home in the street, rented a storefront, made a beautiful light box "besmell crystal rice", just opened it attracted diners in groups, all want to have a look, taste that transparent buns, dumplings, House seats full, people lined up waiting outside Armin, recruited three attendants, busy business surprisingly unpopular.

opened more than 3 months, has been a net profit of 40 thousand yuan. Armin is still not satisfied, on the basis of the original, her careful research, continuous improvement process and formulation, the creation of new varieties, not only crystal clear, and thin skin, stuffing, oil and not greasy, eat a hundred tire, won a lot of repeat.

started a dumpling business can be so popular with people, a curiosity about nature, therefore, if you want to let the crystal dumpling business has been hot down, also need to continue efforts, only truly meet customer, this business can hold for a long time, more prosperous.

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