Ma Yun in the eleven victory of the attitude of the two Liu Qiangdong

No smoke and the battle lasted for a long time

Tmall and Jingdong, in the double eleven period, Ma Yun’s success is obvious to people you, in this regard, the Jingdong has not given any evaluation, Liu Qiangdong is really so calm? I believe everyone is concerned about this issue.

he was expected to give eleven of the performance of double encouragement and incitement, but he did not. And on the day before, his rival Alibaba (NYSE:BABA) made a single day turnover of 91 billion 200 million yuan.

"" double eleven "is to do the false face?" before the eleven war two a week, Liu Qiangdong told the "financial" reporters expressed that he didn’t care about the digital. Double eleven that day, he was on a business trip, nor command.

"curse on micro-blog is gas, but it will make the organization breed sycophant, shouting slogans, playing slobber war culture." Liu Qiangdong’s micro-blog from September 2012 almost stopped updating, and now he is more concerned about the organization, strategy and culture, as well as the electricity supplier in this way, the business can rebuild a Jingdong.

life running

The growth path of

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