n Beijing to see how the hot pot will be carried out in the end

now on the phone more than APP of food we do not know which one is better, more popular with the United States mission, public comment, Baidu Nuomi, etc.. These APP let us stay at home will be able to see the local delicacy varieties, take the first big city of Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, you are in the public comment online, search for "Chaozhou, Shantou, Chaozhou Hot pot" beef "these words, almost every one can search the huge data. Chaozhou Shantou beef hot pot popular momentum can be used from the south to the north to describe. After the fire all over Shanghai, this category has sprung up, began to spread to the northern city. In Beijing, for example, in the first half of 2016 opened dozens of Chaoshan beef hot pot shop. Among them, the "fresh beef with fresh ingredients and fashion deduction, allowing the urban re understanding of" fresh "chowhound charm.

Chaoshan hot pot into Beijing to redefine the fresh charm

why Chaoshan beef Hot pot can be so crazy? As the saying goes: eat sliced or fine. Zhang Zhixin, chairman of the board of fresh cattle told reporters that the practice of Chaoshan District, said no one dared to call the first second, the main reason is the Chaoshan beef hot pot special attention". From the material to the knife, then rinse and dip, many aspects are exquisite, can achieve a pot of authentic Chaozhou beef.

The founding team composed of

cross eight King Kong according to understand, remember fresh cattle jointly built by the eight brand founder, they come from different industries, both senior food experts, there are public media, fashion and Master, experts and even high-end medical industry. Complementary team resources, to create a pure cross-border team, making it in the food and beverage industry to form a strong alliance of heroes, for the start and development of the brand to protect the brand.

fresh beef chairman Zhang Zhixin told reporters, with a unique business model and the ability of the team, the first fresh cattle store opened since May 2016, only 20 days that favored access to capital, to obtain 30 million seed round valuations. September 16th, Asian Sports Village stores (third stores) officially opened. Whether it is business or formal business after the trial, the four stores are queuing day, good reputation. This category is a good time to develop in Beijing, we saw this opportunity, the moment customers love to eat, eat more, the pursuit of quality, Chaozhou Shantou fresh cow hot pot also meet this condition. Fresh cattle remember to develop rapidly, with the founding team of eight shareholders to work together, but also with the market demand." Zhang Zhixin said.

in addition, the fresh cattle with the industry together, join the Beijing Chaoshan beef chafing dish Association, unified standards and open up the upstream and downstream industry chain, to achieve the procurement, slaughter, management and other aspects of the advantages of resource sharing. Tuyere on the back of the fresh cow phenomenon behind the fact that there are multiple combinations with the founder of the team

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