Old car remember spicy spicy pot eight joined the advantages you have to take

choose to join the project to see what? In addition to the brand? Of course, its broad market prospects, only to join the advantages of enough to impress you, you have the need to choose. Food and beverage to join one of the top wave of investment alliance. A lot of food and beverage projects, here to recommend to you is dry pot project.

dry pot originated in Chongqing, the old bicycle spicy hot pot is a small investment, low risk and quick food rich project, let entrepreneurs hold excellent catering technology, learn the core formula and process, can not contain any independent shops. Old car Kee spicy pot with its exquisite dishes, quality service, Chongqing unique charm of the mountain city decoration, after the opening of the restaurant is quickly recognized and favored by many diners.

old car Kee spicy pot to join?

old car Kee spicy pot to join the advantages of

1. brand advantage

old car has now become a domestic spicy incense pot Market brand, you can remember the brand in the old car brand within the scope of the use of old car brand and intellectual property rights. Including: domain name, logo, name, trademark and other legitimate business activities, highlighting your spicy incense pot shop is a national chain. This is a symbol of your strength. It is also the guarantee of consumer confidence.

2. technology advantage

old car has a strong intelligent management model. The shop to solve doubts. Has the leading industry technology, to patronize the old car to remember the customers to produce impeccable feature food, these are not able to reach the level and technology.

3. resource advantage

old car have intelligent store management resources leading, old car mind headquarters to provide technical guidance and pure formal materials for the franchisee, with these, we can confidently say: friends to join us, we protect you.

4. service advantage

brings more customers to spicy pot. Bring better food to customers. Let the store earn more money. Make the customer pay the least, get more.

5. market advantage

spicy pot as a real food into the Chinese market is around 2005, just like other catering formats. Today’s hot pot is also a new wave of china. Therefore, we have very few competitors, which proves that the old car to open the restaurant is a big hot pot.


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