Gas water heater ten brands list

as a source of hot water, relative to electric water heaters, gas water heater market share is now getting higher and higher, more and more related brands naturally. After all, gas water heaters and electric water heaters faster than hot water, and affordable, well received by consumers. So what are the gas water heater brands? Gas water heater what brand is good? Here is the small series to introduce the ten major brands of gas water heater list.

gas water heater ten brand ranking NO.1: Vanward   brand share: 16.7% positive rate: 87% $740- $3031


is the largest gas production scale Chinese professional manufacturing enterprises, but also China gas with the development strategy of the initiator and promoter, Chinese Hardware Association gas appliances third branch of the chairman of the unit. In recent years, Vanward for three consecutive years, more than 35% of the growth trend of the market to become the industry benchmark.

gas water heater ten brand ranking NO.2: Vatti   brand share: 25.7% positive rate: 88% $999- $3299

China famous trademark, won the Chinese famous brand, ten kitchen brand, kitchen and bathroom influence brand, Guangdong famous brand.

gas water heater ten brands list NO.3:   Macro; brand share: 6.2% positive rate: 87.2% $599- $3100

Guangdong Macro Limited by Share Ltd was founded in 1992, the main industries include kitchen appliances and distribution equipment, with "Macro" and "Shunte" trademark, is a professional engaged in clean energy (gas) and renewable energy (solar energy, air energy) efficient use, with products and services for the low-carbon, intelligent enterprise core the value of the.

gas water heater ten brand ranking NO.4: Haier   brand share: 6.5% positive rate: 87.1% $858- $3699

One of the world’s largest home appliances maker

, top 50 listed companies in Asia, A Well-Known Trademark in China, world-class brands of home appliances, China world top 500 enterprises, the first brand of white goods, one of the most valuable brands China.

gas water heater in the top ten brands NO.5: forest   brand share: less than the rate of praise of 2%: no quotes


Shanghai Linnei Co Ltd is a Sino Japanese joint venture, Shanghai famous brand, the high-tech enterprises in Shanghai City, gas appliance industry.

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