Northwest cuisine features

China’s regional differences in the existence of different regional culture, different eating habits, food types are not the same. China’s northwest region people bold rough, diet is also a single, then what are the varieties of food in the northwest?

northwest pasta: beef rice. Zhangye cuisine has a long history, many varieties of small, local, be too numerous to enumerate, Zhangye people love pasta, rice in the "rice" is the raw material of flour, and rice. "Small" in the soup with chicken soup or bone soup boil, add seasoning and pepper and ginger powder, also hook water starch, has certain viscosity, inside with cattle meat, noodles, tofu, warm to the "meal" on a thick cast, pepper flavor, color attractive fragrance.

yellow noodle is said to be the most famous yellow flesh of a donkey, Dunhuang hundred years old. His home is usually five kg weight will master the pull the dough into a uniform thickness of the noodles, the root noodles into five, just enough to eat a table, this is the master expert.

saw the CCTV documentary "Dunhuang", the film focuses on a thousand years of history of the traditional characteristics of the northwest pasta: slurry surface. Before 1000, the Tang Dynasty people with leek and celery fermentation made serofluid, eating a bowl filled with Rice porridge, noodles or sour, cool, very good.

rub noodle, the Gansu Zhangye unique pasta varieties, the "form" to win, so named because of shape. The dough with the palm of the first rub into a round, and then subdivided into the length of the uniform section, and then rub into the middle of the thick, two sharp, like the shape of the fish finished, and then sprinkle a layer of yellow corn flour. The pot or cook or fry the food, the weather is hot weather can also be eaten in the cold, is a favorite local people in Northwest food.

is rich in Wheat in the northwest, so daily snacks are mainly pasta, other times. Sub surface, in my impression in the northwest around the noodle shop is sold. It is said to be the most common and most popular breakfast in Zhangye.

sub surface stress "thin, bright, fine, is the surface to be thin, bright color, fine to eat. This bowl is minced noodles to eat in Jiayuguan, ingredients is very rich, should be considered very authentic.

beef cover. In Zhangye farm to eat beef, onions, green peppers, tomatoes, and a thick soup, topped in hand rub a round noodles. When eating, root noodles are wrapped with fragrant sauce, very delicious.

"firecracker", in the Qinghai lake town of Daotanghe to eat a Northwest flavor of pasta, a very special name.


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