Home business do not drift 90 nner Mongolia young goose began to get rich

when a group of 80 after the entrepreneurial market have achieved success, after 90 young entrepreneurs have begun to pick up the road. Inner Mongolia youth Zhang Xin goose career just on the right track, he is confident of their future.

"less investment, short cycle, fast, high economic benefit, the rotary body is full of treasure……" And taking into account the goose has these advantages, Zhang Xin decided to do something about it, then borrow money from relatives and friends, to bank loans, has invested 150 thousand yuan to cover the housing, the introduction of more than and 600 geese seedlings. Goose began to lay eggs means that goose farms began to have income, business is on the right track. For the future of the market, as well as goose farms, Zhang Xin has his own plan.

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