Why year after entrepreneurship shop – better

in the end is the year before the start of the business or years later, a lot of people have been in this new year has been in the tangle, until now the new year has ended, many people still tangled endless. In fact, the need to seize the opportunity to open a shop, many investors in the years before the project has been opened up a restaurant, creating a business opportunity to start a gold shop. Based on the actual operation of the store for many years of experience, for the majority of entrepreneurs who set up shop after several major benefits.

first, the location of the larger space, excellent shops easier to rent

years after the high vacancy rate of shops: according to the store management law, mature business district urban cities and towns in a year the vacancy rate is very low, because the general good shops is not vacant for a long time, and this period of years are mostly individual shop operators, because business turn or mismanagement rent facade has a lot of peak, the commercial value of the pavement will be a large number of vacant, so this time to find a good opportunity to the biggest door.

two, holidays stimulate consumption, business is more likely to reach sales peak

traffic increases: a month after years, the amount of tourists is the concentrated period, workers and students have to return to a city, go shopping, party time is more, traffic, the effect of promotion, this shop is easy to induce potential consumers, gathered a large number of customers in a short time in the formation of a large number of stable and old customers.

double peak consumption continues: Valentine’s day, the Lantern Festival is a series of one festival, holiday promotion into every business sales promotion main target, general holiday sales reached 15 – 20 times the usual, in this period of publicity and promotion activities such as the product characteristics of people, have a good reputation effect, in order to achieve a pass ten, ten hundred, hundred thousand pass effect, and lay a solid foundation for the future good business.

three, shop preparation, high probability of success


years of adequate capital reserves as a commercial investment, funds to do the decoration, liquidity, personnel problems better, and people in the capital reserve in years after the most good, so investors choose entrepreneurship before and after the Spring Festival have sufficient funds, to prepare to increase the probability of success will be.

shop decoration and reduce costs: as a shop preparatory work for years after each merchant discounts is a maximum period, so less money can do many things, is the right time.

since the shop has so many advantages, then, if you have the intention to start a business, and now still hesitate? Hurry up and open a shop now

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