What factors determine entrepreneurial risk

to start the business venture is bound to exist, this is no doubt, but some of the venture capital project is small, and some venture capital projects, which mainly depends on the entrepreneur’s own choice. Next we look at the determinants of entrepreneurial risk factors? The following main aspects.

1, the team: a team with strong execution of several people, more than a few hundred large teams.

2, cost: from the beginning of the 0 to 1 is not the most difficult, the most difficult but from 1 to 10. From 0 to 1 does not need to spend too much money, as far as possible in the first phase of zero cost operation based, because the need to spend too much money behind.

3, partner: partners should be honest with each other, if not even their own partners do not believe, or partners do not believe you, then this is doomed to fail.

4, the core: the core of this stuff has become the most people’s pet phrase, but not many people pay attention to, regardless of the product or service, as long as there is a core or unique style on the inside, it can last a long time, and this is also the reason why a Papi sauce can sell 22 million of advertising.


5, time 24 hours a day is not enough, but God will not be all you, let you have 25 hours a day, because of the limited time, more should spend time on meaningful things, it will need to determine what things are meaningful and what is of no significance. Spend the least cost and time to trial and error, in order to win at the starting line.

6, when the business relationship: do not need to maintain relationships too much, maybe you know a lot of XX boss, chief of the local government, but these are not what eggs, because most are built on friendship above RMB.

entrepreneurial risk is inevitable, but entrepreneurs can grasp the ability to control risk, such as the ability to develop a good insight into the project. As long as you can do a good job to deal with entrepreneurial risk, then there is nothing to fear, one step at a time to take every step of the way, safely to the cause of victory.

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