What are the projects suitable for entrepreneurship in 2016

everything is difficult at the beginning. The first thing to start a business is to decide what you want to do. If you choose a project that has no market, it is hard to be successful no matter how hard you try. Then let us look at the project in 2016 which is suitable for entrepreneurship.

One of the

natural fertilizer is referred to as farm manure, natural fertilizer in addition to improve the quality, but also to meet the market demand for green, this is the basic requirement of agricultural products market. On the other hand, the natural fertilizer industry is the ultimate destination of urban waste, natural fertilizer production can be artificial, factory, industrialization.

this venture seems Zoupian Jian Feng, but in this idea in really see, very broad prospects for market opportunities. Pets to some extent, has become a member of the family, and the price of pet art has also been refreshed, even your baby art photos. Investment of about 20 square meters of pavement, a simple studio and photographic equipment can be. The position near the parks, public square and pet hospital, in order to excuse me. Personal conditions, in addition to excellent technology, but also must understand the knowledge related to pets, know each of their most valuable parts of the body, and even to know the skeleton of most pets.

single photo price in 30 to 60 yuan, an album price may be set at 200 to 1000 yuan. At the same time you can also consider the photos printed on the cup, or put into the key. Promotion, can be sent to the intention of the customer free of charge a few photos, you can also increase the order through the pet website and customer reputation.

This is a

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