Shaanxi Youth League helping nearly ten thousand entrepreneurs

Shaanxi is located in the hinterland of the Central Plains, pregnant with many outstanding talent. In the entrepreneurial age, more entrepreneurial dream of youth here to look for the future. To help young people start a successful business, the Shaanxi provincial Party committee has launched a number of entrepreneurial training, business loans and other support measures, and achieved good results.

in caring for helping the plight of youth groups, province hopes to do all kinds of donations, donations throughout the year received a total of more than 1800 yuan, donated hope primary school and other 30 projects, funding for poor families, and 8719 pupils. Provincial Party committee also recruited volunteers in the western region of 1494 people, service of our province and Xinjiang, Tibet area; to promote care for children of migrant workers, were married on the 2282 schools, 499 thousand people in the "Sunshine Action"; the establishment of disabled education practice base of more than 300, a volunteer helping disabled on more than 8 thousand and 500.

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