Where is the future of the QQ space resource station

saw a strong attack figure wangdage "! 3 million acquisition of QQ non mainstream sites, many webmaster will feel QQ space station good day arrived, I have begun to do the webmaster friends around the space station QQ. But did it really arrive,


I am a line near the small webmaster, also for the theme positioning website but worried, now the station is a chance, a friend to a space station program, made a few days to be traffic or have been hovering in the 100. Now with their own feelings and experience tell you webmaster, space station how difficult to develop?.

one, content source – original. Now the QQ space station as a building owners lack of bamboo shoots after a spring rain, will soon feel the fundamental resources, online COPY is not enough, the webmaster is good at planning, promotion, and station, UBB code, FD module design etc. many webmasters may have never heard of, where the original "/p>?

two, communication disorders. The QQ space station faces the fashion youth of about 16-21 years old. There are more students at school. They need to spend a lot of time talking to them, and they need to take a lot of time to find out what they are interested in. Believe that now most of the webmaster is still in the promotion of day and night fighting, which has more time than with himself a lot of 80 or even after 90 Hu Kan,


three, funding issues. Some people say, you can ask people to do the original, to promote, anyway, those who soak online all the kids are cheap labor force. But thought not, the original is tedious, subject selection, material design, people hard to create works to you how much money? To ensure that the number of original you will not know how much? How much is now earn fee to smoke money webmaster


four, promotion problem. The biggest problem, and it’s the hardest one right now. Previously QQ resources for communication only personal webmaster, when more and more space resources station appeared, Tencent also want to plug in a cup of soup, launched QQ. Although it is not specifically for the QQ QQ resources, but it can make each QQ user has the opportunity to have a more powerful than the Baidu post bar section, can establish forum, moderators appointed, release resources. QQ itself is a very easy tool to build up popularity, and the owner is a loyal user of QQ, and they have a better understanding of QQ than those of our amateurs. The original question mentioned earlier is in the hands of the owner, just like the webmaster using DW to make the form, so simple. How to compete with Tencent?


said: not a lot of money invested in the personal QQ space station, it will be more difficult to mix, it will be the Tencent to a rogue highfalutin jikua. You can go to see at least Q, tens of thousands of traffic it each day, now has more than 60 QQ class. Want to compete with Tencent, you think you are better than Zhang Zhaoyang, you should understand the situation of the webmaster, to explore their own expertise, to do their own special

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