SEO Road survival of the fittest in natural selection survival of the fittest


April 25th, Baidu announced the chain platform challenge to cheating, but the adjustment is comprehensive, optimization of general as webmaster and network optimization has all the basic strokes, be regarded as a simple way of cheating me SEO optimization difficulty and then forward a hurdle. So, how should we face the future direction of website optimization,


yesterday evening, the morning has many, really, I optimized for the future site also feel great pressure, face to head on dozens of sites need to be optimized, the pressure is not decide on what path to follow? When it comes to approach to the implementation and execution of the difficulty is big, time and energy than ever even more times out. And my friend over there is also described bitter, if every web site to a large number of soft text and user experience based, a person’s ability is unable to complete. Then we should pay attention to strategy and method, otherwise, the optimization website first fall is our grassroots webmaster.

one, improve soft Wen writing ability

as a master of optimization, generally written in soft text is simple and easy. But for our general webmaster face this writing soft, really know nothing about, do not know how to carry on, let alone publish to some weight higher web site. I do not think there is no way to improve, but we did not go to the implementation of the feeling of writing soft text costs too much time and effort. If this is your idea, then the future how to do webmaster and optimize? The survival of the fittest in natural selection survival of the fittest, the search engine is constantly improving, the station does not follow its pace, then the way in the past has appeared to be inadequate, a long time will lose confidence in the industry.

writing is not soft with extraordinary writing skills, we can imitate, see what others write, from its title to content is a good learning process, the inside of the frame and save it, put the contents into his own, then it is a good soft Wen, just as the new write soft start.

two, looking for soft text release platform

soft written, and for soft Wen vote to that platform or web site is a big problem. At present, the submission of the website does not see more, we need to pay attention to the accumulation and usually, such as a few days ago, I saw the soft questions submitted a post said, then I think, since the eldest brother have such experience, presumably in their own posts inside the promotion of the website should also find through query tool the submission site resources, actually found is quite satisfactory, can find a few good news in the Journal website. At present a lot of SEO forum or platform basically can contribute, just see we did not do.

three, we have to pay attention to blog

says blogging is easy and blogging is hard. That’s all right, before blogging

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