Philharmonic live embarrassing transformation – Taobao traffic traffickers Road

[core tip] how does a local life service website become a traffic broker for Taobao,


the evening of March 21st, e-commerce company announced a new version of Baidu’s Philharmonic live online, positioning electricity supplier shopping guide website, the Philharmonic live again in transition, turned from the living of the local community as the electricity supplier shopping guide website like shopping.


just two days ago, the news that Baidu wants to give up the Philharmonic live, love to help network intends to acquire, explore with accumulation of local life in the day to complete the Baidu services in the local life. The core team of net love a band are from Baidu, CEO Liu Jianguo, former Baidu CTO, Baidu BD COO is a former director of Ma haiping.

Philharmonic live official micro-blog No. 21 evening announced on-line version, micro-blog wrote: do not follow the crowd, because it was determined to go your own way; don’t waste time, because there is no complete dream. Concentration is an attitude. Even if we have nothing now, we firmly believe that life can turn if we live in the present and work hard.


, and micro-blog’s page, also changed: "in the rush and complexity of the times, are you often difficult to choose? In fact, every day a few boutique, enough."."

Philharmonic live = love revision

by the end of 2010, Baidu local life service products Baidu side beta, Baidu has released the life channel to test the water, local life service. March 2011, there ah mall closed, the official transformation of life service platform. By the end of 2011, there was a joint investment from more than $50 million, separated from Baidu, and upgraded from the business unit to an independent company. Baidu became the controlling shareholder, and later changed to the philharmonic.

December 27, 2011, Philharmonic live officially closed beta, located in the consumer sharing community.

March 12, 2012, Philharmonic live new version of the line, a comprehensive integration of "ah platform" local merchant information.

June 1, 2012, the Philharmonic live again revision upgrade and increase the LOHAS mall this important sector, the formation of life, commercial street, shopping mall LOHAS three core plate, completed the "from life sharing community, to reliable business navigation recommendation, to the layout of a full range of quality discount information".

August 2012, "shopping" product upgrades, revision.

December 2012, Philharmonic lives on its products simplified and integrated, launched "Raiders set" and "make money" and other new products.

along the way, Philharmonic live the biggest news is revision, revision, revision, in addition to there is no other news.


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