Web site access to the chain of resources, methods, skills summary

this article is basically all the online chain to do a summary of the process, to provide your reference.


starts doing the chain, we need to be careful:

1, what is the meaning of the chain resources, that is, other sites to your site links, the other party can be home confidential information,

2, use the target keyword as anchor text, point to your website home page. Your home page should be URL standardized, such as: home page,

3, if you have difficult keywords in your column or content page, you can also do the external anchor text of these words. Note that the point should be the standardized URL of the keyword, not the home page.

4, the chain resources, also known as import links, external links, links and so on. These are the same concepts and purposes.

5, the chain as far as possible to use the form of anchor text, if it is to use a simple link, the PR value of this link is also helpful.

is the first simple combat operations chapter:

method 1: friendship link: own website home page arrangement 12-17 friends chain position, and other counterparts or information complementary type website home friend chain. Friends chain, the evaluation order: the site of normal included, website specification authority, website time and scale, domain name PR value. One-way links and two-way interconnection can be. At the same time, plus an inner page of the friend chain page.

method 2: self built blog: you can blog in various blog sites, you can also register your own independent domain name, build blog, do the chain resources. A detailed guide to self Blogging: Google English uses Google, page, free web resources, and sites.google.com resources.

method 3: BBS signature: if it is similar to the SEO forum in China DZ program forum, in the personalized information over there add links, such as: SEO. After the signature was added, the new post came into effect. You can sign up for the forum summary:

method 4: blog message: leave a message on some blogs, the name is the target keyword, and then point to your home page. If this blog uses the wowsome tag, this message is not meaningful for Google (Baidu doesn’t currently recognize this tag). About wowsome tags, detailed understanding here: by looking at the source code, you can see whether the page has wowsome outside the chain.

method 5: soft text: write some helpful articles, while in the article with the link and anchor text, published to the industry forum or news website. When the article was reprinted, that is, add the chain for yourself.

method 6: submit to the collection class website and online RSS reading site. Such as: Baidu, YAHOO, Google bookmarks, QQ bookmarks collection, shrimp, fresh fruit.

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