The soft flying era webmaster how to select the true information of their own

due to work reasons, often need to find some information related to the webmaster industry. One is to broaden your knowledge, and the other is to provide convenience for other webmasters to find them. Visiting several IT stations, I found no valuable articles. When watching Baidu news, a title attracted my mouse’s presence. "Women’s website: beauty is the mainstream private topic specific Sina" thought is the introduction of women’s website industry outlook article, after all, is from the point of the past in Sina, only to find that the original is a text of a web site, soft Wen also right, there is some reference value, and no one said the site without a soft, curiously opened the website, show a woman a DEDE template on the screen is a familiar diet mainly covered with GG small advertising website, he felt disappointed, site Baidu only included the poor 25, what is the specific address I will not say or else we are, he became the carrier of


every day to webmaster nets colleagues believe the word soft not too strange, in addition to daily attention to its own website, I think most of the Internet bubble, most of the time looking for information, to enrich themselves. The stationmaster is also a process of constant trial and error. Love every day to A5 to see the article, although unable to find any article without the URL of the articles here, but some ulterior motive the webmaster to earn how much, how much of the hype to write articles, are also very sincere, just add a copyright has no ground for blame me to write it. Often do, but strictly speaking an article can not be called a soft experience with only the author information or web site.

How do you go to

right to treat every article I see, whether A5 owners say it, an industry analysis of the authority of the so-called worth mentioning, we must have a standard to judge whether a. If you often go to the A5 on the article, you find that some of the so-called "how I was in a month to create the PR5 PR6 website," "how I was in a month from a novice to earn tens of thousands of"… Etc., so… I think is not similar very strange. Especially some website SEO optimization is the rate of this article reprinted some authors for, or some not to be divulged to a large, copious and fluent article down, look at the good people are excited, but if you press his step-by-step operation to go, what also as can be imagined.

so heartbreaking in this remind novice webmaster, in the acquisition of knowledge is not blind to pursue, blind follow. A month or even tens of thousands of people flow N million, may be true, perhaps…… is true there is no need to call it, according to their own actual situation to learn their lessons the content and knowledge to make their own way in this growing growing. There is no need to say that someone published an article saying that he has made such a website

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