Want to buy back your original website, everybody help me see the value is not worth it

I in 2010 under the support of friends that we made a local nature of the forum, after two years of development, do not know their own lack of experience or what, always tepid, IP and PV are not very high, PV day 4-5W, IP day is 2000+, when a good point to jump to 4000+, the amount of Posts every day more than 1000 points, the post adjustment ratio is not high, which is 1:1.3.

you basically understand, such BBS website basically no income, dry tired heart is going to turn off, but in the website and some net friend still some feelings, and some don’t give up. Want to sell the idea of the website and a few friends said, and advised me to sell the site, introduced by friends, in the A5 (www.admin5.net) trading plate site transactions hanging sell. To tell you the truth, I didn’t take it to heart at that time. I could have hung up for less than 1 days. Someone contacted me and said he wanted to buy it. The buyer is a South of Jiangsu man, look like a fried record website, seems to be going to the site on this, I also worry about selling him, after all, their own websites with their children, always want to see it grow well, isn’t it? In the final XXX price to the website he was there, A5 received 2% intermediary fees, the feeling is quite reasonable, after all, some guarantee is still in place.

Okay, see

time rolls on, in front of four words, I really did not mean to write so poetic, probably more than a year now, when I read my website again, is not surprised to describe, only tens of thousands of other posts every day, because the data can not see, so can only feel I feel like I do, than have flying changes. Contact me and then buy website, ask him why so badly, he said that in A5 bought some courses, later bought my forum, because A5 and the clerk of the familiar, and the clerk A5 ink has a very low price to get better some services such as SEO, learn plus bought in the A5 in the course of things, slowly up.

now inexplicably some regret, originally sold his BBS, as early as know A5 this platform, will not appear sell BBS phenomenon. Now I would like to buy back my own forum, but according to my friend, the current price is about two or three times as much as before. I am not willing to spend so much money, so in the tangled, you give me ideas are, what should I do.


pay for my previous forum, start again from scratch, or even buy a website on A5’s website trade?

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