Station six months experience summary

years, the station also has six months. In order to learn the experience, SEO is the original intention of the site, SEO is originally a practical combat technology, or is a kind of experience accumulation. You see more tutorials, do not go to their own experience, it is not deep feeling.

, Baidu, GG, the two giants of the foot, how many webmaster very careful work. How many have gone through the tortuous path, I am also, but the curved road has not walked, the lesson has experienced deeply in the mind.

1, do not frequently modify the title, if frequently modified, then certainly finished, the best thing is to confirm, do not modify. Experiments show that the title change will lead to once written down the right, don’t go to modify my site, a revised title, less flow more than 1000! Especially some new sites if because change the title is right down recovery requires a long period of time, but this time the search is not dead the engine will see your performance to decide.

2, do not change the server frequently, that is, change the IP address. You should select the server according to the different stages of the website development. Bigger and then change the stability of the server, junior, intermediate, advanced, generally half a year change enough. The frequent changes in the IP address are a real antipathy to Baidu.


3, the density is not too high, the general keyword density 2%-8%, not too concerned about the nature, but the novice just started doing total love more keywords, some keywords also caused accumulation is not natural, the new low weight is best not to be adjusted high keyword density.

4, title, keywords, description don’t write too long, this is the most easy to make new problems, can not wait to all can write words are written, I have seen some stood the headline than the browser title bar and long, to do so with a little of the end result is not what the word ranking also not to go.

above, this is the most vulnerable to new sites online mistakes, the novice do a good job of these other optimization will be effective.

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