Website promotion, software promotion experience sharing!

one, the client promotion way


1 f official website of the official website of seo—–,

is a prerequisite for long-term stable growth

download station: 2 pounds preferred

users to download the software

3 F – disc installed system disk, the magnitude of the obvious advantages of

4 pounds (light and dark) – binding capacity, but the general effect of

5 pounds (Union download, advertising, traffic), the pros and cons of both control and encourage the coexistence of


6 pounds — Internet technical barriers is deep, focusing on the influence of

7 pounds — the price of the most expensive computer with

8 pounds — short-term effect


9 offers Cooperation (Sales) into promotion, not to spend money, but cheating is inevitable

10. embedded promotion (functional cooperation) – to find the right combination of points,

11. marketing activities – long term and necessary work,

12. value-added function promotion —- suitable for some software

two, website promotion

different types of sites have different forms of promotion, it is difficult to list one by one, I will simply cite a few non promotional models.

1., SEO – all sites that want to develop must do

– free flow

2. web site

3. Content Alliance — accounting for bandwidth and server

4. spam, posting machine and so on, Many a little make a mickle.

5. place, hang QQ, chat room and so on free flow,

for garbage station

6. online activity – lower cost marketing campaign

7. flow amplification (change flow) —- can bring super large flow, but the quality is not high,

8. plugin – the effect is obvious, but the risk is high, and cheating serious

9. forum soft Wen – – long term work,

10. functional cooperation (embedded software, embedded web pages) – to have product combination point, can go through

11. form of sale — divided into forms, to prevent cheating

12. various forms of cheating – – rivers and lakes are dangerous, waters are like the sea,

website promotion, but also applicable and promotion software, but the effect is not enough, direct


< > plug-in extension

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