See how the new nuggets are in the forums

with the growing popularity of the station forum, more new friends, came to the station wide forum, playing AD also many, reported special posts, basically not idle, people have been stuck on the post.

came to the station wide forum, almost every friend, want to make money on the Internet, of course, do not rule out their own site love, and so

, but not everyone can make money out of it…

first of all, I want to say, stand wide, as a forum, its value lies in the free and easy environment, and in this environment, we learn from each other

, but not to say that standing on the forum is an obligation to answer your questions…

, you have to understand, including moderators also have the same, they are not obliged to answer you

in fact, the forum is full of gold, perhaps too, but there is a lot of gold content

, but not everyone knows that the forum contains ", the gold mine, ". So, how do you get the Nuggets in the forums?

my opinion is: one look, two questions, three do

: kantie, administrator – lazy lazy, often post, for his son, are all very helpful thinking, perhaps does not teach you how to do, but it is how to say, gold degree is quite high, and the moderator -dxszzcylm posts, a person willing to share the following lists


two question: ask, as long as not too silly, too simple question, I think there will be a friend to answer your

three: kantie, ask questions, just fill the gaps in the theory, the rest of the course, the actual operation, do not be afraid to spend money, to invest!

finally, I want to say is that we don’t add friends to QQ forum,

forum to ask questions, direct questions

is willing to help, natural help you, do not want to, you add QQ, harassment of others is useless..

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