The five way to make your soft text like news

soft smell now became webmaster site necessary basic skills, a widely reprinted soft Wen, not only to the site can bring a lot of high-quality outside the chain, and also can let product quickly spread out. The so-called soft Wen, is soft news meaning, that is, with commercial purpose of the news. Soft Wen write like news, not only the soft news commercial color reduced, and achieve business goals, not only can let the media editors are willing to release, let the reader to read, also can give a product or company advertised a positive image, is the webmaster of soft writing advanced target.

, a search for the soft news from

The so-called

news pretext, to the objective fact of news communication as the basis or opportunity, is a fact so according to the news. To put it bluntly is the reason why news is edited and published. If you want to write like soft news, we must first find the content for you to write news from. For example, your promotional products, services, the company has special events or breakthrough, which constitute the media reports of you, you will have a press head. But generally speaking, the product or service is difficult to reach this level, and all the media restrictions with the commercial nature of the report, so we have to find some reasonable pretext for soft wen. For example, you can combine the season to find the soft head, spring sandstorm comes, you can use this spring dust weather skin with new tactics "as the pretext for your skin care products and beauty related written text, media or program at this time need this genre, readers are also concerned about this kind of problem, you will be soft by the adoption of editing. You can also combine the social hot spot to find news from last year, for example, Taobao search engine "Amoy network", this is the focus of the Internet, when everyone is concerned about this issue, the media also need to related articles, the author is to head to write the "Amoy network marks the search engine segmentation era", not only is the webmaster website, but also made a key recommendation for iresearch.

two, let soft text with timeliness,

news is an important symbol of timeliness, in order to write the soft text like news, it is necessary to give the soft Wen timeliness. A soft text with timeliness, not only like news, but also to edit a "do not use" or "late use" outdated pressure, increase the probability of editing. However, general product promotion is all about product features and benefits of plain introduction, how can it has timeliness? An important way is to set up a soft event, just events or stories, through the character description, description of events or events on the given soft timeliness. In which you combine what you want to advertise to get the desired effect. In the above example, your skin care products promotional content is consistent, but in this spring dust weather skin with new tactics "around the spring dust event in soft has timeliness.

three, let soft Wen have news elements

you can do it by editing

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