Several measures to increase the flow and traffic of Taobao stores

. By using the search function: buyers friends to buy their own to buy a baby, I think most is to obtain relevant information through search, (mostly in the price for the order) unless he has a fixed customer shop, will go directly to the shop, but I think, when buying a baby, he will search more relevant information to compare! The opportunities we have here!


two. Make their own brand store: Although the price is very important, but we can not only in the price, because there is no technical content of the price war eventually led to Taobao on all the sellers against each other, this is all of our sellers do not want to see things! So we should strive by operating their own internal store to attract customers in fact, do! Do the store and shop the truth is the same. If you want to do for a long time, rather than the momentary interests, then, with making your own brand shop is a magic weapon to win


1) product positioning

what kind of products do you want to sell and what grade do you want to have in this type of product?. Do you want to make small profits or quality lines? What kind of people do you focus on? What is your main advantage? This is our position.

2) appropriate pricing

3) to build a professional store

4) good after-sales service

three, after all we have to do is to do publicity! This way of propaganda, a variety of similar posts in the forum, friends can be found to study, (I was often fine search various post learning!), one of the most important points are in the forum in turn, post, hair post, hair essence, multiple replies (reply is also a kind of advertisement,) to post!! will bring unexpected results for you oh! Also, send to friends, and also can earn coins, earn coins after we can buy the community’s recommendation, but the treasure ah, will make your views could not stop live up!


the main thing is the following

The more the

1 collection, the more advanced there is no actual basis for

2 low price front row, the effect is good, afraid to report,

3 time is a way, but it consumes a lot of energy, at different times on the product,

4 buy his promotion.

5 keyword combination!


above 1-3 points, especially in the middle of two points, there is cheating suspect

be careful,


starting SEO, welcome crazy reprint, but please indicate copyright!


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