Simple construction of English station

easy to build English station (simple text)

1. selects the domain name

generally use international domain name.Com cooperation is.Net, rarely use domestic.Cn

2. buy space

foreign space buying, looking for some large foreign websites, they stand on the direct purchase, that is, the price is very cheap,

if you don’t understand English, you can find someone to help you with the purchase, so that the other side to help you, so that they can help you how to use

management of foreign websites, this system is all English system,

3. site system installed

selected a web site system, e-commerce generally 3, more authoritative zen-cart, CRElocal, osCommerce,

and the article system is well-known: Moban, Joomla, drupa

4. template design

according to the system design, the corresponding interface is good, the module design general file in the tamplate directory, we modify, that is,

5. adds

familiar with the system, modify the content of the site, the database collation,

basically complete the website construction, then do optimization and promotion



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