Talk about how to find venture capital (VC)

, my project won a venture capital (VC) 2 years ago and has opened a new chapter on the road to entrepreneurship. Many friends began to ask me how to deal with VC. What kind of project is VC’s favorite?.

what should I pay attention to? Here, I talk about my experience and views from several aspects. It is not always correct. I hope it will be useful to all of you.

1. point (idea)

has a lot of friends in the long after, think of a good idea. Then, like a baby, no one would say, "you can get an investment by this, and you can make a lot of money.". The idea is important, pattern also has the distinction.

but, with ideas, nobody will invest.

2. company architecture

many people believe that in order to obtain venture capital, we must start a company. The author’s suggestion is that rather than build a boat out of the sea, it is better to start rowing your boat and move forward. Many large companies are developed from family workshops.

3. partner

entrepreneurship is very difficult, and many people who have had entrepreneurial experience know that a person to walk alone, in fact very, very difficult, there is a person to share, is completely different.

but for venture capital, they generally share love simple architecture, not love a complex structure, the reason is very simple, a decision, such as re financing, listing, liquidation, too many people, a person does not agree to sign, it is very difficult.

4. profit model

good projects must have a good profit model. Domestic first generation Internet Co: such as Tencent, Sina, Baidu, etc., are the first users to have profit model.

but my advice is that unless you have a large number of users (tens of millions of dollars), you must have a good profit model to attract investment.

5. market capacity

a good project requires a big market capacity. Investors want to invest one yuan, one hundred or more. Therefore, there must be a large market, there are very good stories, in order to attract investors.

The advantages of

6. project

if someone else does it, you can start a project just like you,


has always been creative, looking at the world in his own eyes and not going with the tide.

originality is VC’s favorite.

7. project schedule

does your project have only one idea, or do you have a certain stage result?

, you have to prove that only you, or your team, is the best person to do this kind of project,


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