The importance of choosing a site type

recently Baidu lost its movie station on a massive K. This once grass root stationmaster’s outstanding person, also started to throw aside by Baidu. The film site suffers from copyright infringement, speed, screen, profits and other factors. Now it was despised by the search engine make the movie station is not a long-term option. Unless you’re very keen to do garbage stations, give advice to those who do the garbage. The garbage station has no future, no stable customer base, or a good place to stay.

QQ station, the original is also very popular type, but unfortunately has now entered the white hot competition. No friends or do not engage in brushes, comics are also more and more the decline, user group is not mature which lead to less development direction.

many people say that the industry is now a fire station, but I am not very optimistic about this, the main reason is that the webmaster can not have a lot of time spent on the management of the forum. Unless it’s a mature and profitable forum. As a classic sentence, is the fire but do not make money in vain.

subdivides the type that the netizen likes, can succeed, is not what others do, oneself follow to do what. I am optimistic about the forum is not, nor SNS nor blog my best original content to stand as long as there is real content, we are not afraid of no one to see.

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