Webmaster growth note Eleven do a good job of home page content construction

because of the new year, a few places, a lot of things delayed the construction of the site, the site for nearly 2 months did not take care of, these two days back, continue to share experience. This is also the first article after the Spring Festival, and then the last experience sharing. Small explanation: this series is the network part-time network, from the lowest down start documentary, and share personal operation website experience, before the article, you can search the front.

The construction of the chain

last mentioned is a long-term process, it is the website content and the chain, but to the 2 is not enough, but also to guide the user to access your content, so for the home page content is particularly important. Home page is the appearance of the website, it is the first feeling of the user. Just look at the front page, the basic users of your station will have psychological scores, you are traveling or garbage station, the first user intuition is very important. Even if you do a good job, SEO is very good, in order to retain users to visit your station again, the home page is very important.

then what kind of homepage is ideal? Different websites have different understanding. But basically these key elements are inseparable: first, of course, the most important thing is page design. The simple page style allows users to be clear, neat design will allow users to feel very comfortable, will not feel cumbersome. Two: home page should have relatively rich content. If your large amount of information cannot be displayed on the front page, you will be given a big discount on your volume of information. If you don’t have anything on your website, make sure you have enough stuff on your home page. You go to a new station, home is empty, you said you will continue to go down? The user visits a website is to obtain information, if you cannot provide or provide the information users can not see, so this work is a failure. Three: update must be timely. As a user, when you see your home page information or a few months ago, then the user’s interest in you will be greatly reduced. Network part-time network, eat a lot of losses in this regard. You must update the content at the same time on the home page in order to allow users to feel that you are very diligent webmaster, in you, I can certainly get the information I need. Four: the most important updates must be placed in the most prominent position. It’s about hot spots and speculation. The website gathers the eyeball, only has the most popular, the most important thing in the most prominent position, the effect can display to the best, hits rate also can obtain the very big promotion. If the first four points are for the user, then the fifth point is for the search engine. Each column or some column of your website should be updated frequently. These updates are not important to the users, but they are important to the search engines, especially the original ones. Every original thing won’t be all hot, but search engines like it best. Six: if you do not have time to update, then you have to do a unique home page, impressive.

more than just some traditional website experience, the role of home page is more than a little bit, website operation is a broad and profound topic and knowledge, we need to continue to study and research. Done the home page!

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