Pepson view website to your customers what loss

in pakchon customers, many are from other companies or individuals to the site of the station here, why didn’t they continue to choose the service provider before choosing a new service provider? Pepson according to years of customer contact experience about the site customer flow several loss:

1, domain name, website space expired, but the network company did not promptly remind the loss rate: 20%

from a peer’s point of view, this is a huge dereliction of duty on the Internet company, domain name and space maintenance in a timely manner is to ensure that the site’s most basic services. If you can’t do it, you shouldn’t choose the website construction industry.

2, website maintenance service can not keep up with the loss rate: 30%

this is a common phenomenon, the line on the website, which is more or less need to modify the operation or maintenance of the local network, but the company pushed drag, not timely solve customer problems, leading to customer for the network company trust reduce. Customer churn.

3, website construction before the promise can not be cashed, loss rate: 30%

station many companies and individuals in order to win customers, they tend to exaggerate the role of the network, committed some unrealistic marketing results, but the final quality of the web site and web site brings the unsatisfactory results, and high customer expectations form a great contrast, cause customer resentment.

this is the worst for the establishment of the market, because experienced a failure of the customer experience of the site, it is hard to believe the other Internet companies, and form a very bad impression on the industry, and he will be the so-called "cheated" experience, he passed to friends.

4, customers have higher station demand, service providers can not meet the loss rate: 10%

with the operation of the site, customers may have higher requirements for the website function, the interface effect, if the technical strength of network company to meet customer demands it, cause the customer can find only has a higher technical strength of the company website. Therefore, the customer loss caused by class problems is about 10%.

5, the customer’s own factors resulting in loss rate: 10%

, for example, due to bad customer operations lead to closure of the site, customer company bankruptcy, business direction, professional transfer, and so on.

site for the company, customer churn is a common situation, some may be due to the expansion of the size of the site and ignore the small customers, some may be because their website price is too low, nature cannot guarantee high quality service. But no matter how, do website is to do service actually, improve oneself service quality, create value for the client, it is the management way that builds a company,


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