The new Taobao alliance stuck rebate network Mingmen webmaster how to do

rebate network is a lot of Taobao customers are operating in the form of web sites. As we all know, the rebate network is the use of Taobao’s open platform API data call Taobao commodity information, according to the amount of business commission, according to a certain percentage of rebate network members returned. That is to say, Taobao API is a prerequisite for the normal operation of the rebate network, or more generally, Taobao API is the rebate network "mingmen".

however, the new rules recently launched Taobao alliance, but heavily jammed rebate network "Mingmen"


May 31st, Taobao Alliance on the line "Taobao guest membership growth system", Taobao guest members are divided into golden delicious, crown, diamond, red heart, ordinary, new users and other 6 grades. On the same day, the Taobao open application developer specification for Taobao’s open platform has also been updated. With the new rules we can go to the Taobao alliance view, only the following list which details the card rebate network "mingmen".

Taobao API interface call must comply with the conditions:

(a) apply to call Taobao API

interface Taobao account (hereinafter referred to as the developer account), corresponding to Ali’s mother account of Taobao guests, members of the golden crown class and above;


(four) website ALEXA ranks in 100 thousand and less;


Taobao guest membership level gold level is what concept? Specific is: "registration for 3 month, month income Taobao off settlement of about 10 thousand yuan, while the month have days off settlement income Taobao more than 15 days". There is no need to explain more than the site’s ALEXA rank of 100 thousand.

so many months of revenue in the order of thousands of yuan, the site ALEXA ranking outside the 100 thousand small and medium-sized rebate network will not be able to use the Taobao API interface, which can not call to Taobao commodity data. In a word, these rebates will not be normal for members of Taobao’s shopping money saving service,


as a small rebate network webmaster, I also suffer in the column. However, depend on others, and how? Only from their own to reflect: if the final implementation rules (July 1st), what should we do?

1, continue to do other online shopping rebate service. Pat the net, Jingdong, Dangdang, every guest, Amazon,, Ctrip and other online shopping platform or online shopping mall rebate service, we can still continue to provide members.

2, the use of good rebate network existing member groups. If the rebate network member has a certain size, then the face of such a pure buyers groups, can open a shop, selling their products, and slowly transition to "website + shop" mode, finally get rid of the status of heteronomy.

above ideas may not solve the root >

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