Easy to ignore the new site construction

novice site easy to ignore the problem

personal website, I think the most important thing is of course everything Guizaijianchi! The first step is the key! If you start to go wrong, then even more backward, the more you do, will make more mistakes, produce more regret. In this process, we should have a good attitude, and make sure that our website is a bit inferior. In this process, we often ignore some questions. Here are some examples of…

1, environment

environment is very important, you know the user, you also know what the user wants, and you know what you should provide him. However, you also need to know what the current industry environment is, for example, whether the policy is in an open industry and you can do it. The traditional telecommunications industry in general is not involved in the industry is also prohibited, many can not go to the operation, even if you have everything, the policy does not allow, everything is zero. My current website (tudou.com variety), is to do a variety of aspects, meet those who love to see the variety of the crowd! I classified them well, so that their own preferences to find, not too much time wasted looking for the program


2, what’s the competition like,


is a cake, if too many people to eat, will not have assigned their own hands, this distribution is a law of the jungle fighting, so, when are you going to do a certain type of website you must look at the industry, there is the number of competitors, how much? The competitors in a state of what, how strong you have what resources? What is relative to the competition advantage? What is your competitors do not have, or can not catch up with you in a short time. These unique things must be a key factor in the competition of the website, so that you can succeed.

3, who do you want to earn,


first you have to figure out, you are going to direct users who make money? Website or the client’s Internet users? Because from the beginning of " sharing; free; free " the spirit of the advertised, even today, Internet advertising model is still a classic pop. Tens of thousands of personal websites are almost like this. If this is the model, then you need to figure out which Internet users you serve. What are the structures of the Internet users at this level? What are the patterns of consumption? What are the common features? Are you sure you’ve made a clear distinction and understanding of them?. Don’t worry about how narrow your user group is, and see the total amount. Now almost no project is invisible to others, we have to do, in addition to finding existing industry deficiencies, that is, subdivision and segmentation.

4, what do you do,

?The question of how

does it is by what means you intend to promote your service to reach its target audience and gain a certain customer

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