Community e-commerce do not rigidly adhere to the form of e-commerce

community e-commerce has been misunderstood, people will think that the community e-commerce is Taobao type e-commerce platform, will soon think that the Groupon group buying is community e-commerce. Then, what is the product form or implementation of community e-commerce, and even we need to think about what community e-commerce is like?


, for the first time, I recognize that community e-commerce is through a case:

In 2005

, a businessman, of great ingenuity solid wood door fence Nanjing online, the boss called have sailed the seven seas. He never advertise on the fence forum, but the monthly amount of 300 thousand group purchase, several Bluntnose help him organize. How did he do it,

?The original

, the name is called the boss Lee have sailed the seven seas spent about half a year, in fence forum very patiently answering questions on the doors of knowledge. Set up a good impression of wooden door experts, net friend encountered wooden door problem, the first is to think of him. Although he is very low-key, but he is the boss of great ingenuity message or let everyone know, so business is very good. However, later, Li boss did not deal with a net friend’s orders conflict, from then on.

can only get orders by posting on the forums, which is incredible for many people, especially businesses. However, in China, a large number of small and medium enterprises is the use of regional web sites to survive. Their growth is generally a small ad – >: learn to learn to interact; > know word-of-mouth marketing. Some well versed in this Taobao store, also very aware of the community leader value. For example, in Ruili, YOKA, fashion, ONLYLADY and other female web sites in the community, opinion leaders every time defeat match show will attract a large number of orders related to the shop.

derives from the commercial value of interaction and sharing, a model of community e – Commerce: group buying. Compared with the Groupon type current swept the group purchase, this is a 1.0. fence network group purchase group purchase early, regulating the family network (Shanghai, Hefei’s most popular group purchase network) and 55BBS network group purchase website, Chongqing shopping community e-commerce form is the group purchase. The group purchase format also produce a kind of Occupation: the head (or a joke), was their mission is rallying in the forum, contributed to both transactions, and from a commission from.


Groupon model comes too fast and too fast. Simple group buying sites have sprung up like mushrooms. In this upsurge, we must reflect on the 2 and 1 group purchase compared to what is in progress or retreat? "XX group purchase network access to tens of millions of dollars in venture capital" such news frequent bombing, madness and bubble, we found that the 2 group purchase lack of contact with the community, the lack of interaction with the viscosity. In the major portals have launched a group purchase occasion, in the community of software developers in Germany (phpwind) and >

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