have two or three things to do with Admin5 orders

said this template I have done for a long time, like tonight so angry is not the first encounter, the other is not to say, say it on the network it is hard for me to want to make a friend.

said it was hot tonight. Really push the heart of another person’s belly. When do you find a few cents cheaper to address each other as brothers, and done what is heard what.

has a client who has done two single orders, a few days ago to find me to do a single, that is 200, looked at the next copy of the 766 home page, list, content. At that time I felt a bit low, three pages, lists and content is more troublesome, at least it should be about 400-500 of the way. But the customer is said to a friend, and has told friends that he often ask me to do template agreed price on the 200, I’ve been thinking that added to 300, customers do not agree, I want to say 260, more than 260 to 200 nausea said well, quite your help. Later, looking for fish intermediary, the matter even if settled.

this customer is usually on-line at around 12, so he didn’t do it that evening, and the second day didn’t do it. Third days in the afternoon and evening finished, tested under, modified some BUG, feel more perfect, contact him, not in. On the second night, the customer took the things and said that the test was OK and paid for second days. Second days are not in, because before have cooperation, also don’t care, ha ha. Fifth nights, the customer raised probably less than 10 questions, are some of the small problems such as JS?. I tried my best to solve it, and there were a few small JS problems that really didn’t come right, because I felt like a friend, it didn’t matter.

well, that’s the problem.

You know the DEDE

tag has a control words in the title, is a number, the default is 24, customers too is short, I say you change yourself kazakhstan. Because before, like calling ID and title, words are slightly modified by the customer.

the client first said that I had done so little because of less money and a lot of problems. Imitation station is not exactly what it should imitate,


I heard a fire and told him to fill it up.

since I can’t catch the fox, can provoke a show? I less money, but a suspected stolen ax, the suckers can I do? And which template producers can the target station do CMS and CMS is CMS, as like as two peas? Not like people like themselves written procedures.

customers are angry too, saying I’m not responsible.

I am also very depressed, so many JS and so on, is not a small station, can not make mistakes?… It’s really hard to explain,

later, I thought, it really is not necessary, with customers that I will modify, and played a lot of SORRY, I was wrong, and the like, the reason why playing S>

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